PRA 2022 Call For Papers !

PRA 2022 is now accepting manuscript submissions. The topics of interest are included below, but not limited to :


Agent-based Systems
AI and Evolutionary Algorithms
Ant Colony Optimization
Applications of Soft Computing
Approximate Reasoning
Artificial Immune Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Life
Automated Problem Solving
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Biomedical Image Analysis
Biometric Authentication
Brain Modeling
Brain-machine Interfaces
Camera Networks and Vision
Case Based Reasoning
Cognitive Science
Cognitive Systems and Applications
Collective Intelligence
Computational Biology
Computer Vision
Content Based Image Retrieval
Data Mining
Decision Support Systems
Differential Evolution
Distributed AI Systems and Architectures
Document Analysis
Emerging Technologies
Evolutionary Computing
Evolutionary Data Mining
Evolutionary Design
Evolutionary Scheduling
Fuzzy Computing with Words
Fuzzy Control and Intelligent Systems
Fuzzy Decision Making and Decision Support Systems
Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Set Theory
Fuzzy Optimization and design
Fuzzy Pattern Recognition
Fuzzy Systems for Robotics
Game Theory
Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
Symbolic Data Analysis
Text Mining
Type-2 Fuzzy Logic

Hardware for Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
Hardware Implementations
Heuristic Searching Methods
Image Processing
Integration of AI With Other Technologies
Intelligent Agents
Intelligent Data Mining and Farming
Intelligent Databases
Intelligent Information Systems
Intelligent Networks
Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Intelligent User Interface
Intelligent Web-based Business
Knowledge Engineering
Knowledge Networks and Management
Knowledge-based Recognition
Knowledge-intensive Problem Solving Techniques
Machine Learning
Medical Imaging
Modeling and Identification
Molecular and Quantum Computing
Motion and Tracking Algorithms and Orientation Estimation
Multi-agent Systems
Multimedia Systems and Applications
Natural Language Processing
Neural Network Theory, Architectures and Applications
Neural Networks
Novel Noise Reduction Algorithms
Particle Swarm Optimization
Pattern Recognition
Printing Technologies
Remote Sensing
Robotics and Related Fields
Rough Sets and Rough Data Analysis
Segmentation Techniques
Signal and Speech Processing
Signal Processing
Social Impact of AI
Soft Computing
Software Tools for AI
Speech Understanding
Steganography & Digital Watermarking
Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition
Uncertainty Analysis
Various Applications
Web Intelligence